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Q: Can I use my existing website with RSQUE?
A: Yes, you can use your existing site and just add a provided link with your subscription on your home page so the gallery to pop up on top of your existing site.

Q: What if I need a new website, can you help me?
A: Yes, we have created websites for rescue organizations all over the US. We can tailor a new website to fit your needs and add all the pawsome RSQUE features to your new site.

Q: How much does RSQUE cost?
A: The first month is free. There is no risk and no obligation and you can cancel at any time. The monthly fee for RSQUE starts at $29.95 with no hidden fees.

Q: Why do you charge money for this from rescue organizations?
A: The development of this advanced system cost a lot of time and money. We are dedicated to give the best service and solution for rescue organizations, so they can concentrate on doing what they do best; rescue animals and finding good homes for them. For us to do our job, we need to get paid too. However, the low monthly cost, starting at only $24.95, is easily saved through the benefits you get. After a while you are probably way better off financially than before joining

Q: Can you install the system for me? If so, how much does it cost.
A: If you don't have a webmaster or someone who is web savvy, we will install it for free. No cost.

Q: How many dogs or animals can I add to the database and gallery?
A: You can add as many animals as you like. Our system is unlimited. The only limitation lies within which package you choose as you sign up.

Q: How can RSQUE help me with getting more donations?
A: First of all, with a RSQUE gallery, you will have a great first impression of your available dogs/animals. Remember appearance and image is everything. By looking pawsome, you can attract more potential adopters which again translates to more donations. We also have a great RSQUE Merchandising program which has free professional design of t-shirts, and very affordable wholesale pricing, so your net profit will be better than before. Lastly but not least, as a RSQCUE subscriber you will have access to our resources for event creation, food, beds, toys and more. (coming)

Q: Do you have technical support?
A: Yes! However, due to our workload, we prefer that you contact us via email. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

A: RSQUE BRAND is our apparel and one of our funding partners. They donate part of the proceeds to us, which we will turn over to our members to cover monthly cost or as part of a grant/donation. To learn more about RSQUE BRAND, please visit them at

Do you have any other questions? Please contact us via our contact page.

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