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RSQUE BENEFITS for Animal Rescue Organizations

As a member of RSQUE.ORG, you will enjoy many benefits, including the possibility of receiving grants or donations from $500 and up to $10,000*.

Creating your own secure database with a back-end admin, adoptable dog gallery with plenty of advanced automated featues for your website, can easily cost $20,000 - $30,000 or more. Now you can enjoy the same benefits for a fraction fo the cost, starting at only $24.95 per month. These are just some of the benfits you as an organization can enjoy with RSQUE.ORG:

Add dogs/animals to your website when you are at the shelter with your Smartphone
  • Faster showcasing of dogs = less days in boarding ($8-15 per day saved)
  • Nowaiting period for approval to get your dog or other pet on's website or your own for viewing by potential adopters
  • Everything is on YOUR website, duplicated on's own adoptable dogs gallery if selected

Secure and automated adoption application with automated follow up

  • Secure application process hinders identity theft from potential adopter online applications
  • Remember that you are putting a potential adopter's personal informatio at risk when your application is not encrypted or secure.
  • Be assured that ALL applicants will receive an answer and automated status notices even when volunteers have no time to follow up
  • Better service = happier supporters = more donations

You add one button on your site, we do the rest

  • When clicked, the button will open your new and pawesome adoptable dogs gallery with secure adoption application link and more
  • Not sure how to add the button? No worries, we will help you at no cost

Microchip log

  • Add a dog's microchip log to the database
  • All info at your fingertips

Upload Vet Records to the cloud

  • No more looking for vet records - everything is online
  • Vet records that are part of your database, will automatically available for adopters when approved in each individual adopter’s RSQUE account
  • Adoption Fee Collector (coming soon). Receive the adoption fee when approved, and before dog is picked up. No fees. Earn RSQUE points every time you use RSQUE payment services

Tips and Tricks to increase Donations

  • Our team has over 20 years of experience with successful fundraising for animal rescue organization
  • Get ideas from our team as a member of RSQUE.ORG's programs and services

Professional Website Development Help and Make-Over

  • A good website will result in more adoptions and donations
  • With our Custom package we can make the gallery in yoru rescue organization's colors, with your logo and more
  • If you need a new website, there has never been a better deal. Professional web developers are at your service for just a few hundred dollars per month until the site is paid off. No need for costly upfront fees.

Automated “Paws Match” feature (coming soon)

  • Database will check for a match when new dogs arrive and alert adopter immediately
  • Will make sure adopter will come back and not go somewhere else. Donations will stay with you.

Donor Match Program (in process)

  • All rescue is local. We will contact major sponsors for local support
  • `Whenever possible, we will encourage local businesses to support your membership with
  • Increase your chances for better community and local support
  • Receive potential donations from visitors, and members of our Donor Match Program

* Potential grants and funds will be made available to one of the animal rescue organizations per year who have been members for a minimum of one year, and are part of the animal database. There are no guarantees that any or all organizations will receive funding or donations from If funds are not availble, if we have not received enough members, or donations collected by's fundraising partners or donors. Only members of RSQUE.ORG's Animal Database Service and Program are eligable for receiving potential grants or donations.


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